ONLINE Lecture by Vivi Touloumidi | Live Zoom | December, 8 2021

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2021- 2022

Online Lecture
Vivi Touloumidi – Jewelry Artist & Researcher
Wednesday, December 8 2021, 19.00-20.30

Vivi Touloumidi is a contextual artist, researcher and a craftswoman trained in contemporary craft and jewellery. She is lecturer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and a co-curator of the artistic research seminar METHOD/ART. Vivi was born and studied in Athens, Greece, before continuing her education in Germany and Canada. She holds an MFA in the Crafts from Konstfack University in Stockholm and is currently conducting a PhD in the Arts at ARIA and University Antwerp. 
Her work has been published and shown internationally. She is a contributing author of Art Jewellery Forum and a member of Culture Commons Quest Office.
She is interested in exploring adornment as a multifaceted cultural phenomenon and in its manifestations of the human condition. Her practice investigates the wearable and the body-related object as a medium of agency to carry sociopolitical messages, evoke discourse and position a body in the public realm.

Vivi Touloumidi’s talk will give an insight into her ongoing PhD project ‘Pharmakos’, both in terms of the research process as well as the research findings.The overall inquiry investigates jewellery and body adornments at times of social conflict. The symbolic and physical agenda of the wearable craft object is examined both historically and in contemporary times. The key focus is to explore the materialisation of social friction on these mediums and their operation in the public realm with the aim to propose wearable objects in engaging with current socio-political issues of today. Aspects of suppression as well as resistance are diagnosed through the lenses of body-related craft and the effect on social identity. Through identifying focal points of the medium’s agency of dispute and marginalization and by appropriating and subverting this vocabulary and initial social function, the project aims at proposing agents of dissent, to evoke discourse and position a body in the public realm.

The presentation will share research conducted at historical archives, where cases of social injustice and oppression had been documented. Among others, through fieldtrips to Bundesarchiv Berlin and also to KZ-Gedenstätte Dachau, input data was collected for creating “vom Abzeichen zum Auszeichnen”(de). The investigation looked into the design evolution of wearable signs, worn as indicators to systematize and marginalize human bodies during the WWII. A selection of key documents will be shared, which were digitalized for the first time and supported the evolution of the new body of work. The talk will delve into the research experience and the material, formal and overall aesthetic decisions of the outcomes.

Due to copyright material restrictions from the visited archives, the presentation may only be presented physically at Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts or towards a closed online audience, where recording would be not allowed.

Lecturer : Vivi Touloumidi |
The online lecture will be realized via ZOOM.
Language: Greek
Price: 10 euro
To register, you can contact us at +30 6972848300 or


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