Jewelry Design

The course is made for those who love jewelry and design, for amateurs and professionals, for those who make jewelry or want to start making, or just want to design them.

The course’s purpose is to help the participants draw fast and clear an idea on the paper, make a design’s completed presentation but mostly to design jewelry with accuracy.



The course focus on:

-Technical design (2D & 3D design)
-3D drawing
-little secrets for designing fast different forms.
The seminars content will be completed in 3 sets of lessons of total duration 75 hours.
You can enroll, at the 1st cycle, all the year round as long as there are still places available.

1st Cycle

21/1/2025 – 18/3/2025

-Basic principles of technical design
-Designing jewelry based on simple geometrical forms
-Cycle in 3D turning into ellipse, cylindrical stone setting, sphere.
-Rendering gold and silver metal and gems

Duration: 27 HOURS (9 weeks- 3 HOURS/WEEK)

2nd Cycle

1/4/2025 – 17/6/2025

-Rings with different intersections
-Jewelry with “pumped” surfaces
-Rendering gold and silver metal of different textures and gems

Duration: 27 HOURS (9 weeks- 3 HOURS/WEEK)

3rd Cycle

14/10/2025 – 19/12/2025

-Design of curved forms
-Exercises on 3D draws
-Rendering gold and silver metal, gems, and other materials

Duration: 27 HOURS (9 weeks- 3 HOURS/WEEK)
Day of the course: Monday 18:00-20:30
Each Cycle’s price: 295€ + 24% VAT

Course tutor: Olga Kandaraki (