Contemporary Jewelry

The Contemporary Jewelry course treats jewelry as a “portable” art. Traditional techniques and approaches are combined with contemporary ones in order to develop a new perspective around jewelry as an expressive means of art. It is related to the body on a conceptual and physical level by using it as inspiration, space and an entity which conveys values and expresses messages. Εach participant has the opportunity to create and express himself/herself through jewelry, give shape to his/her ideas and evolve in the art of Contemporary Jewelry.

he course is addressed to students familiar with the basic silversmithing techniques.

Instructor: Anastasia Kandaraki

Jewelry Piece: Dimitra Papamerkouri

The program will last two years (216 hours).
Each year is standalone, but the two of them come together to form the current image of contemporary jewelry.

There is also the option to attend only one year.
For more information about the 1st and 2nd year please visit the following links:

1st Year – Experimentation | 108 hours 

a’ cycle – Follow the material
36 hours / October, 10 – December, 21 2023

b’ cycle – Inspire through observation
36 hours / January, 16 – April, 2 2024

c’ cycle – Give shape to your emotion
36 hours / April, 9 – June, 25 2024

Registration for all the cycles is realized in September, December and February.
There is the option to attend only the cycle a’.

2nd Year – Idea | from 72 to 108 hours 

October, 10 – June, 20 2024

Registration is realized in September and December.


The seminar is suitable for everyone who is interested to learn the philosophy of Contemporary Jewelry, whether they are students, amateurs or professionals.

Small groups of 3 to 6 people. Evening classes, once a week for 4 hours.

We have a fully stocked workshop, including certain specialized tools and materials.

Each participant is responsible for providing his own tools.

Cycles will commence only after sufficient participants have enrolled.

Participants in each cycle will never exceed 6 persons.

By enrolling in the seminar is necessary to complete each cycle, 9 weeks, 36 hours. In case of absence there is the possibility of replacement upon request.

After the completion of each cycle, participants get a Certificate of Attendance .


Days available: Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday.

Course time schedule: Morning classes 11:00-15:00, Evening classes 17:00-21:00

Cycle’s price: 400 euro ( + 24% VAT) | 9 weeks – 36 hours

Year’s price: 1200 euro ( + 24% VAT) | 27 weeks – 108 hours

Information- tel: +30 6972 848 300 (Mon-Fri 12:00- 17:00)

Enrollments from June 15th 2023

Course Initiation: October 10th, 2023 – June 20th, 2024