Contemporary Jewelry?

It all started in the 60s’, mostly in England, the Netherlands and the USA, by artists who wanted to evolve jewelry into something more experimental and artistic. These artists were followers of the “Arts and Crafts Movement” (placing emphasis on handcrafted works and goes against mass production and low cost reproduction of decorative elements). Even though total abolition of mass production, these people realized the problems it had created and turned towards the authentic, the simple and the handcrafted.

The British named this alternative kind of jewelry “contemporary jewelry”, the French named it “creative jewelry” and the Americans “art jewelry”. In Greece the term used is «Συγχρονο-εικαστικό κόσμημα» (contemporary-artistic jewelry).

Contemporary jewelry stands in between a creator’s tradition & heritage (traditional techniques) and his own individual sense of expression. By utilizing new, alternative materials and by developing new techniques, based on an original idea, the artist poses new questions and incites new feelings to his spectator.

In the case of contemporary jewelry the human body acquires a unique character. It becomes the display case for each individual piece and at the same time a means of expression for the person wearing it. One could say that contemporary jewelry is a unique mix of Art, Craft and Design.