Jewelry & Metalworking Seminar

DSCN5831The seminar “Jewelry & Metalworking” focuses on the theories and traditional techniques of silversmithing/goldsmithing. It is addressed to those who want to expand their knowledge on techniques of metal treatment. The syllabus of the seminar is split in 3 cycles of a total duration of 108 hours. Each cycle is independent from the others and runs for 36 hours.

During the 3 cycles of the seminar, the participants will have the chance to learn the following:


Cycle A’ / October, 13 – December, 8 2016 (36 hours)

In the first cycle of the seminar, the participants – already having some original knowledge on the use of basic tools and techniques – focus on the theory of soldering and on other topics of metalworking, like the kinds of metals, the alloys and their attributes. They experiment with several different metals and they elaborate on various techniques, like the use of a piercing saw and the attribution of simple forms and textures in order to achieve a decorative element or an alternative style. They also get exposed to the basic theory of composition. During this cycle, two pieces of jewelry will be created by applying the related experiments and theory.

Cycle B’ / January, 19 – March, 16 2017 (36 hours)

In the second cycle, the participants continue by concentrating on different ways of joining elements. They work with several types of fasteners, like screws, pivots, rivets and others which might also form part of the design concept of the jewelry. One piece will be created with the emphasis on the joining techniques.

Cycle C’ / March, 23 – June, 1 2017 (36 hours)

In the third cycle, the participants learn the basic bezel making techniques for cabochon cut stones. They study the attributes of gemstones in order to be able, through observation, to identify the basic types of semi-precious stones and of some minerals. Then, they experiment on techniques with wires that will allow them to decoratively frame the two pieces of jewelry they will make – one with a simple bezel and one with a composition of bezels.

Instructor: Angelika Komis (Jewelry design & making – )
Schedule: every Thursday, 17:00-21:00
Number of participants: 4 – 8 people
Cost per Cycle: € 360 + VAT 24%

Participants bear the cost of necessary materials