“My journey begins when I step into my workshop. I will take a quick look around and sit down on my workbench, always putting on my favourite music.

This journey hides so many emotions, so many suprises and feelings. With all 5 of my senses alert I feel the material, and I can hear it talking to me. We start our dialogue. I cut it, file it, give it colour, destroy it, glue it together, give it shape, give it form…and the material answers back.

I am so engrossed, my phone rings and I cannot hear it. Our dialogue is so intense it fully captures my attention. It is a magical journey. I learn so much…mostly about myself.

But it is also hard. Coming face to face with your own self is never easy.

It is a challenge, but a satisfying one. One, that can only end in a good place.

For me, that is contemporary jewelry.