Seminar of Contemporary Jewelry

The seminar curriculum is made up by the following 4 sections (cycles): ”Origins ”, ”Experimentation”, ”Form” and ”Idea”. Each section is standalone, but they all come together to form the current image of contemporary jewelry. Regardless of the section (cycle), each participant has the opportunity to create and express themselves through jewelry, give shape to his ideas and evolve.



“Origins…” – (1st cycle)

The first section (cycle) of the seminars is called ”origins ”.

Participants explore basic techniques working with metal and creating handcrafted jewelry: cutting, filing, soldering, polishing and hammering. They will also create their first jewelry portfolio, including a pair of color earrings, a “box-style” ring and sphere shaped earrings.

Duration: 9 weeks




“Experimentation…” – (2nd cycle)

In the second section (cycle) participants are introduced to experimentation with various alternative materials. The aim is to understand how even low cost material can evolve into something of high value. We begin to work with paper and then wood, resin and silicone molds. Using theme exercises participants practice their creativity and their ability to ”tell a story” through each of their jewelry.

Duration: from 9 weeks



γ κυκλος σεμιναριων κοσμηματος

“Form…” ( 3rd cycle)

The 3rd cycle revolves around combining materials and shapes. Each participant has the chance to discover his personal aesthetics. Using a theme as a guide, we learn how to keep the balance and control the tempo while creating a piece.

Duration: from 9 weeks



δ κυκλος σεμιναριου κοσμηματος

“Idea…” (4th cycle)

The 4th cycle is for more advanced enthusiasts, who are interested to create a jewelry portfolio based on one concept or idea (i.e. the 5 senses, ancient Greek art, recyclable materials etc.). In this case the creator starts by doing research on the characteristics of his chosen idea and using these as a guide he strives to uncover the material, shape but also the specific sense that fully expresses the specific idea.

Duration: from 9 to 27 weeks


The seminars are suitable for everyone who is interested to learn the importance of contemporary jewelry and spend a creative evening, whether they are students, amateurs or professionals.

Entries are made in all 4 cycles of the seminar every 3 months.

Small groups of 3 to 6 people. Evening classes, once a week for 4 hours.

We can also organize 2 or 3 day workshops around specialized techniques.

We have a fully stocked workshop, including certain specialized tools and materials.

Each participant is responsible for providing his own tools.

Cycles will commence only after sufficient participants have enrolled.

Participants in each cycle will never exceed 6 persons.

By enrolling in the seminar is necessary to complete each cycle, 9 weeks, 36 hours. In case of absence there is the possibility of replacement upon request.

After the completion of each cycle, participants get an attendance certificate.

Seminar instructor: Ms Anastasia Kandaraki.


Days available: Tuesday – Thursday. Course time schedule: 17:00-21:00

Seminar’s cost: 360 euros ( + 24% VAT) / 9 weeks – 36 hours

Seminar’s area: Kallithea, Sarantaporou 15 & El. Venizelou 17 (formerely Thiseos), 1st floor. (15′ walk from Metro Sigrou Fix).

Information- tel: +30 6972 848 300 (Mon-Fri 12:00- 17:00)

Enrollments from September 3rd 2020

Course Initiation: October 13th, 2020