The past year has been very creative for anamma, full of knowledge, emotions, thrills, exhibitions, tours, seminars and of course creations.We started with a lot of emotions, trying to capture a sense, a feeling in designs and materials. A nice warm-up for the start of a creative year.
Then the artist-painter Evangelos Papapostolou took us on a journey through the paths of art, based on teachings of three great painters and art theorists.
After that it was Dimitris Nikolaidis with his endless knowledge and talent, who taught anamma students how to shape wax materials and turn them into jewelry. The jewelry technique known as cast jewelry.
Another 3-day seminar on anamma took place in March. Nicole Polentas & Christopher Milbourne were the instructors. The artists from Australia taught us a new technique called Fusion. Merge of materials and ideas. It was an amazing seminar full of jewelry – surprises.
And then, a break combined with a sparkle of inspiration. Our tour in Munich to visit the Schmuck 2014, the world’s most widespread international contemporary jewelry fair. There … words cannot describe … we met the family of jewelry. We saw up close, touched and felt creations of artists from around the world.
Once armed with new stimuli, we prepared for anamma exhibition, “Enotion” (the earring in Ancient Greek). Inspired by the past and ancient Greek jewelry we created earrings with modern materials and techniques. Students from both the jewelry making and design group along with the teachers of anamma exhibited their creations, all made through a contemporary approach.
In April we had the honor to host the jewelry designer Akis Goumas, to guide and travel us through his personal journeys. He made us love jewelry even more.
June came with a breeze from Istanbul. We hosted a 3-day seminar with Selen Ozus and Burcu Buyukunal from “maden” jewelry studio. They taught us how an everyday object can be transformed into a jewel and how to see things from other perspectives.
The year ended for anamma with the exhibition of its advanced students, titled “Microcosmoi“(microcosms). Five classmates presented each their own microcosm. They submitted thoughts, ideas, feelings and questions and created a series of jewelry. They learned how an idea can be developed into a jewel and how this jewel can be presented and eventually interact with the audience.