ONLINE | Lectures on Contemporary Jewelry | November 23 – January 25 2024

Oct 19, 2023 | Intensive Courses, Lectures, Workshops, Νέα, Όλα τα νέα

with Anastasia Agglopoulou
November 23 – January 25  2024
Duration: 12 hours

A series of lectures on contemporary jewelry, based on the structure of the book Οn Jewellery: A Compendium of International Contemporary Art Jewellery by Liesbeth den Besten. An integrated overview of the trends and the role of international contemporary jewelry art from the 1960s till today.

Each presentation focuses on a particular theme. First, we will analyze jewelry as an ornament and its relation to tradition and the new interpretations of traditional techniques. Then, we will study artists who use the object as an imitation, a symbol, either as a whole or part of it, in order to create jewelry.

We will pose questions about the notion of beauty and about what is considered as valuable, as well as about the way jewelry is associated with the rest of the arts, going beyond its decorative profile. Moreover, we will see how photography is incorporated into jewelry and how the body becomes a field for research and inspiration for creation.

At the end, two lectures will be organized on how jewelry can turn into an activation or process, such as a performance or installation. We will explore new ways and means of presentation, interactive projects with the participation of the audience, as well as the new relations formed among the artist, the spectator and the body.

Our objective is to discover the characteristics, the language and the options offered by jewelry, as well as the manner in which artists use powerful symbols as reference points in their work. Some of the artists included in the lectures are Gijs Bakker, Paul Derrez, Otto Künzli, Yuka Oyama, Robert Smit, Christoph Zellweger, Helen Britton, Ted Noten and others.


Total number of courses: 8 meetings
Course dates: 23/11 – 30/11 – 7/12 – 14/12 – 21/12 – 11/1 -18/1 – 25/1  
Course day: Thursday 18:30 – 20:00
Year : 2023 – 2024
Participation fee: 130€ +VAT
Instructor:  Anastasia Agglopoulou


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