-Modular Necklaces-

3-day workshop with Lavinia Rossetti

May 8-10 2020

Duration: 24 hours

Modular Necklaces is a conceptual and technical workshop addressed to people with basic jewelry making knowledge. After a theoretical lecture on necklaces and their movements, portability, connections and clasps, a conceptual research on shape will follow. The goal of the course is to make participants think of and create unconventional solutions for a modular necklace, by devising multiple ways for connections, links and locks. There might also be the possibility to extend the research on a plan for a collection.

Instructor: Lavinia Rossetti Jewelry Artist – laviniarossetti.com

Workshop Duration: 24 hours / May 8-10 2020
Schedule: Friday to Sunday, 11:00-14:00 & 15:00-19:00
Number of Participants: 6-10 people
articipation cost: 360 € + VAT 24%
Latest entries: April 1st 2020

Each participant has to know the basic techniques of goldsmithing