3-day workshop with Giulia Savino

January, 26-28 2019

Duration: 18 hours

Links and chains.
Discover the endless possibilities of chain making!

This workshop will evolve through the combination of basic technical skills and creative thinking.
Joining link after link, the participants will put their attention on repetition, proportion and rhythm – the key factors in chain design.

In the first part of the workshop, the participants will experiment with several link methods and variations using metal wire.
In collaboration with the instructor, they will have the opportunity to create their inventory of chains.

The second part will focus on the development of a personal chain design.
Through individual consulting, the students will eventually be in the position to create an original piece of jewelry.

Workshop duration: 18 hours / January, 26 -28 2019
Schedule: Saturday – Sunday 11:00-14:00 & 15:00-19:00
Monday 11:00-15:00
Number of participants: 6 – 10 people
Participation cost: 280€ + VAT 24%

Instructor: Giulia Savino ( Jewerly artist – )
Lecture by Giulia Savino, Monday 28/1 at 18:00

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