Seminar’s schedule

The seminar curriculum is made up by the following 4 sections (cycles)- “Origins”, “Experimentation”, “Form” and “Idea”. Each section is stand alone, but they all come together to form the current image of modern art jewelry.

“Origins…” – (1st cycle)

Participants explore basic techniques on creating handcrafted jewelry : cutting, filing, soldering, polishing and hammering. Participants will create their first jewelry portfolio including: a pair of color earings, a “box-style” ring and sphere shaped earings.

Duration: 12 weeks

“Experimentation…” – (2nd cycle)

Participants are introduced to various alternative materials, i.e. paper, resin, wood, plastic etc., in order to understand how even low cost material can evolve into something of high value. Through constant experimentation the participant completes a jewelry portfolio combining metal and other materials.

Duration: 12 weeks

“Form…” (
3rd cycle)

The 3rd cycle revolves around combining materials and shapes. The first step is for the participant to choose a form, a shape of their liking (i.e. a bottle or a cloud). By exploring the various aspects of this shape, participants create a series of jewelry from different materials that focus on this form or shape.

Duration: 12 weeks

“Idea…” (4th cycle)

The 4th cycle is for more advanced enthusiasts, who are interested to create a jewelry portfolio base on one concept or idea (i.e. senses, ancient greek art, recyclable materials etc.). In this case the creator starts by doing research on the characteristics of his chosen idea and using these as a guide he strives to uncover the material, shape but also the specific sense that fully expresses the specific idea.

Duration: minimum 12 weeks.