Purpose of the Seminars

Our seminars aim to discover the creativity hidden in each and every one of us, through the creation of handcrafted jewelry made of metal and other alternative materials.

Starting with basic and precision based metal crafting techniques, participants make their introduction to the world connecting classical with contemporary jewelry.

Then, through experimentation each participant discovers the particularities and importance of different materials. In “Form”, the third cycle, we discover the importance and uniqueness of a form or shape. By using and molding different materials participants create the same form, but with different characters.

In the fourth cycle, having experienced the freedom of experimentation, participants create expressive synthesis based on an idea, and try to express a message, no matter if it is ironic, humorous, allegoric or provocative. In this case each piece has a symbolic meaning: it evokes a reaction, it invites us to participate, it initiates dialogue.

In summary, the purpose of this seminar is for participants to create expressive pieces that are intended not only to as decorative elements, but also as manifestations of the artist’s and the wearer’s emotions.