17,18 & 24 November 2012
Duration: 13 hours
This seminar aim to discover the method of lost wax , casting jewelry. We will use various techniques of metalsmithing on specific supple waxes.

We will create different types of jewelry like rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches.

We will use some techniques to create different types of surfaces like perforated, embossed, engraved, decorated with granules.

We will create textures and prints to enrich the surfaces.
Then we’ll put semiprecious stones in our jewelry in special cases and will connect the individual elements with joints and solders.

Finally we will give some advices and guidance in order to finish the molded objects

Days of the course: 17,18 & 24 November 2012
Hours: 17 & 18 November 11:00-16:00, 24 November 11:00-14:00
Place: workshop Anamma.
Number of participants: from 5 to 10 people
Participation fee: 160 EUR (including VAT)

The seminar materials are charged to the participant.
Last date for entries: 12/11/2012
For more information: [email protected] or 6972848300