3day seminar with Daniela Boieri

5-7 June 2015

Duration: 15 hours


 “Mixed metal and treatment of surfaces” course will be an exploration of the techniques for mixing metals, a demonstration of how a collaboration or interaction of metal sheet or wire at the melting stage can create fabulous organic results.The course essentially will offer students the opportunity to invent their own marriage of metals. It will demonstrate different techniques and methods for mixing silver, copper and brass with and without soldering and it will also explore a range of surface treatments and textures. A selection of students’ explorative results will be used to create a final piece of jewellery.
Days of the course: 5,7 & 8 of June 2015.

Instructor: Daniela Boieri (jewelry artist), http://www.danielaboieri.com/

Hours: Friday5th of June 17:00 lecture from the artist, 18:00-21:00 workshop starts,
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th of June 11:00-14:00 & 15:00- 18:00

Place: Anamma Studio ( Sarantaporou 15 Kallithea, Athens, Greece)

Number of participants: from 5 to 8 people

Participation fee: 250 euros (not including VAT)

Each participant has to know the basic techniques of goldsmithing.

Last date for entries: 15th of May 2015