2nd Year | Idea

The second year of the Contemporary Jewelry course builds on Concept. By using the silversmithing techniques and the vocabulary of materials learned during the first year through experimentation, students are called to develop their personal creative language so as to come with their own project – a jewelry collection. They choose the topic, the idea-concept they want to develop and bring it to life, with jewelry as their means of artistic expression. In this case, jewelry is treated as a “mobile” art which relates to the body on both a conceptual and physical level.

Jewelry piece: Jenny Antonopoulou

Participants start by studying and doing research on the characteristics of the theme they have selected and, guided by these, they attempt to reveal the “personality” of the materials, the form as well as the feeling that the particular idea conveys. The purpose is for them to create their first complete jewelry collection. An internal voyage, unfolding aspects of one self.
Students are guided through creative exercises and experimentation with new materials and techniques. At the same time, a list of books and related material will be provided for them to study further. As each participant creates according to his/her own theme, group and one-to-one discussions will help each student to evolve his/her collection.

The course is addressed to students familiar with the basic silversmithing techniques and the notion of experimentation.

Tutor: Anastasia Kandaraki

The duration of the course ranges from 72 to 108 hours.

October, 10 – June, 20 2024

Registration is realized every September and December.

Day & Time: Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday 17:00-21:00
Number of participants: 3 to 6 individuals
Participation fee | 72 hours: 800€ + ΦΠΑ 24%
Participation fee | 108 hours: 1200€ + ΦΠΑ 24%