1st Year | Experimentation

The first year of the course of Contemporary Jewelry focuses on experimentation, the research on materials and the development of ideas. We explore the attributes of materials and their transformation. We get acquainted with matters of experimentation, in order to learn a vocabulary on alternative materials used in contemporary jewelry making. Moreover, projects with a specific theme are assigned to students, allowing them to practice their creativity and their ability to “tell” a story through each piece of jewelry they are making.

The course is addressed to students familiar with the basic silversmithing techniques.

Tutor: Anastasia Kandaraki

The course syllabus will be completed in three consecutive cycles (total duration: 108 hours). To better comprehend the notion of experimentation, it is necessary to start from the cycle a’. There is the option to attend only the cycle a’. Registration for all the cycles is realized in September, December and February.

Necklace: Merope Kaminara

a’ cycle – Follow the material

36 hours / October, 10 – December, 21 2023

The first cycle serves as an introduction to experimentation. The first material we will work on is paper, along with its techniques. We will learn through the mistakes and surprises that the creative process holds within it and we will find out how to identify material and aesthetic qualities. The purpose is to transform a cheap material into something valuable and expand our technical knowledge on metal by creating our first jewelry.

b’ cycle – Inspire through observation

36 hours / January, 16 – April, 2 2024

In the second cycle, we keep exploring the notion of experimentation by working on wood, along with its techniques. We select some sources of inspiration which guide us in such a way as to discover the characteristics, form and composition of the specific material. We learn to observe, as well as to choose based on our source of inspiration. Finally, through creative exercises, we explore how an idea occurs, how it evolves and how it eventually turns into a piece of jewelry.

c’ cycle – Give shape to your emotion

36 hours / April, 9 – June, 25 2024

Having experimented with paper and wood, in the third cycle, we work with resin, a demanding material due to its fluid composition and its difficulty to transform and acquire a new identity. We discover the qualities of resin and learn the technique of silicone molds. We also work on balance and rhythm in the creation of a piece, always guided by a specific theme. Participants get the chance to discover their personal aesthetics, by creating their first small jewelry collection. The purpose is to prepare themselves for the following year – Concept – where they will come up with a complete jewelry collection based on a particular theme.

Day & Time: Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday 17:00-21:00
Number of participants: 3 to 6 individuals
Cycle’s price: 400€ + VAT 24%
Year’s price: 1200€ + VAT 24%