– 3D Modeling –

Jewelry Design Seminar by Aliki Stroumpouli

February 28th – March 10th & May 19th – June 19th 2020

Duration: 28 hours

This seminar serves as an introduction and acquaintance with 3D modeling, aiming at the printing of models on wax via a 3D printer. The seminar’s instructor, sculptor and jewelry designer Aliki Stroumpouli, will initiate you into 3D modeling through a series of hands-on sessions, starting from the basics and getting to the point to elaborate on volume and make jewelry, by using a computer and the Rhinoceros program.

The goals of the seminar are:
– To present the features of 3D modeling and of the design program
– To learn to use the tools
– To develop a methodology
– To build on geometrical thinking and present useful techniques

The seminar is addressed to amateurs who would like to discover and add new options in their practices, as well as to professionals who would like to obtain a new and very useful tool for their work.

Participants are required to have a portable computer and mouse.

Seminar duration: February 28th – March 10th & May 19th – June 19th (28 hours)
Day & Time: Tuesday and Friday, 18:00 – 20:00
Number of participants: from 3 to 5 individuals
Participation fee: 280€ + VAT 24%
Instructor: Aliki Stroumpouli http://www.alikistroumpouli.com/