Two-day seminar with Evangelos Papapostolou

23 & 24 November 2013
Duration: 6 hours

PictureA two- day workshop with the artist Evangelo Papapostolou at Anamma studio. (  http://www.saatchionline.com/epapapostolou ). Based on the lessons of three famous painters & art theorists, Wassily Kandisky, Paul Klee, Johannes Itten and filtered by E. Papapostolou. The course travelled all us into the paths of art.Evangelos says:

” … let us examine the idea that a work of art cannot be considered a snapshot, an object that was finished when its creator had decided, but an unstable situation, a story with countless versions that begins the moment the viewer gets in touch with the artwork . I ‘m not referring only to narrative works that present a ” frame” of a real or fictional story but also to infigurative creations , where shapes , colors , levels and whatever else the artist has at his or her disposal , have been exploited in such a way that we become a part of an evolving situation.

Starting from a point and its travel in space, from colors and shapes, we will tour the sphere of creation and the “reading” of creations as a dynamic phenomenon , using all our senses . On this trip we will be accompanied by the lessons of W. Kandinsky, P. Klee, J. Itten, as well as my own observations as a painter, a teacher and a student. ” E. Papapostolou

And the journey of the point started…a force exerted on it and the point became a line…became a cycle…became a spiral…became a shape…became a form…


The color cycle by Johannes Itten, 1961.

Bridget Riley, Descending, 1966
Did our eyes, sometimes, fool us??? So.. what is real???
visual cliff, R.D.Walk, E.J.Gibson
Σημειώσεις για την όραση του Jim Morrison.
The Art of Color by Johannes Itten

n a way , everything is being expressed…And after…when we saw, we discussed, we discovered..we went into action…………….