Two-Month course with Dimitri Nikolaidi

9th of November-11th of January 2014
Duration: 24 hours

Since ancient times , jewelry has always been connected with sculpture . This seminar is an introduction to microsculpture and to the method of lost wax, casting jewelry .
We will teach various techniques of metalsmithing onto specially hard waxes. You will learn how to make a three-dimensional object from a relatively soft material ,the wax. Which is then converted to metal .
The content of the seminar includes, a bead developed in space, a ring – shape, a pair of earrings with special cases for placing stones and textured surfaces. Finally we will give you advices and directions for finishing the cast objects.
Days of the course: every Saturday from 9th of November 2013 to 11th of January 2014
Hours: 11:00 – 14:00
Place: workshop Anamma.
Number of participants: from 5 to 10 people
Participation fee: 240 EUR + VAT 23%
The seminar materials are charged to the participant.
Last date for entries: 4/11/2014