-Patinas : Oxidations-

2-day workshop with Angelica Komis

January 25 & 26 2020

Duration: 8 hours

source: The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals, by Richard Hughes

Most metals coming into contact with the external environment suffer natural deteriorations / erosions on their surface, known as patinas. For example, iron gets rusty and is gradually led to its degrading in terms of its properties or even to its chemical conversion until it vanishes. As far as jewelry is concerned, treating metals with oxidations has a purely decorative purpose. Usually, it is a time-consuming process for oxidations to form on metals in a natural way. The objective of the workshop is to speed up this process so that colours can appear on the surfaces of metals only through oxides. We will not be using patinas available in the market, but instead we will learn to apply simple oxidation recipes, using natural and chemical substances. In essence, this will be a first contact with the world of oxidations; an experiment on the unexpected outcome of patina.

Materials are provided by the seminar organizer.

Duration: January, 25 & 26  2020 (8 hours)
Schedule: Saturday & Sunday 16:00-20:00
Number of participants: 5-8 people
Participation cost: € 90 + VAT 24%
Instructor: Angelica Komis