2-day workshop with Dimitris Nikolaidis

June, 9 & 10 2018

Duration: 12 hours

Jewelry has always been connected to sculpture ever since antiquity.
This seminar is an introduction to micro-sculpture and the process of lost wax, widely known as cast jewelry.
Participants will learn several techniques of silversmithing on special hard wax.
They will find out how a fairly soft material – wax – can be transformed into a three-dimensional object-jewel and then into metal.
The seminar’s curriculum includes the creation of the following objects: bead-ribbon developed in space, ring – form – with embossed decoration and modular openwork earrings with granulation.
At the same time, tips and guidance will be provided for the finish of cast jewelry.

Duration: June, 9 & 10 2018 ( 12 hours )

Schedule: Saturday & Sunday 11:00-17:00

Number of participants: 6 – 10 people

Participation cost: 120 + VAT 24%

Instructor: Dimitris Nikolaidis

Participants undertake the cost of materials.