– History of Jewelry –

with Dimitris Nikolaidis

November 21 – January 16 2021

Duration: 9 hours

A concise retrospect on various kinds of jewelry and small useful items, ranging from the Upper Paleolithic Age to date. The seminar on history of jewelry is based on the interchange of shapes and forms displaying similarities, common origins, differences or contrasts from important civilizations throughout the world.
We will explore the sources of basic shapes which prevailed in the farthest past and which continue to play a leading role in the present time, while we will assess their plastic aesthetic values as well as the techniques they are made with. This is a personal compilation of forms on behalf of the artist and narrator Dimitris Nikolaidis.

Workshop Duration: 9 hours | November 21 & 28 | December 5 &19 | January 9 & 16 | 2020-2021
Schedule: Saturday, 17:30-19:00
Number of Participants: 5-8 people
Participation cost: 90 € + VAT 24%