2-day workshop with Paraskevi Kokolaki

April, 29 & 30 2017

Duration: 8 hours

Enamel – a technique discovered centuries ago – involves a layer of glass of various colours which can decorate metal surfaces. During this 2-day seminar, we will discover the basic enamel techniques, we will experiment and we will colour simple geometric patterns using the torch as our main tool. More specifically, we will learn about the tools, materials, methods and techniques used in enamel, as well as the ways of applying the material on metal surfaces, cleaning it and maintaining it. The goal of the seminar is not to produce finished jewelry pieces, but instead to experiment and use colour creatively.

Materials are provided by the seminar.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of basic silversmithing techniques


Instructor: Paraskevi Kokolaki, jewelry designer – silversmith (www.paraskevikokolaki.com)

Seminar duration: 8 hours / April, 29 & 30 2017

Schedule: Saturday 16:00-20:00 & Sunday 11:00-15:00

Number of participants: 5-10 people

Participation cost: 90 + VAT 24%