Hammering in search of rhythm and harmony

2-day seminar with with Akis Goumas

December, 20 & 21 2014

Duration: 12 hours

The transformation of a metal sheet into an object – a three dimensional piece of jewelry – is an enchanting procedure that hides several secrets and surprises within it. The hammer, anvil and fire are the tools; rhythm and harmony, though, are the soul of the technique. By following this course, we will try to approach hammer-forming by changing the shape of a copper sheet from flat to concave and cylinder.Instructor: Akis Goumas, jewelry designer, http://www.akisgoumas.com/
Schedule: Saturday December, 20 & Sunday December, 21 – 11:00-14:00 & 15:00-18:00
Place: Anamma Studio / 15, Sarantaporou Street, Kallithea, Athens
Number of participants: 5 – 8 people
Participation cost: € 160 (including VAT and materials)
Last date for entries: December, 10 2015
Prerequisite: Participants must be acquainted with the basic silversmithing techniques. They will also need to bring along 2 basic tools.

For more information and registration, you can call at 6972848300.


2014 closed with a powerful seminar on hammering! Akis took us to primitive paths where spirit and technique become one. We approached hammering not just like a “rigid” technique, but, more like a flowing procedure through which one can find rhythm and harmony and also the way to depict these on the final object. It was an “ecstatic” experience for all of us! Thank you, Akis, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us so generously. Thank you as well to all the incredible team that worked along!