2-month seminar with Angelica Komis

April, 3 – June, 5 2015

Duration: 36 hours

In this seminar, we will study the human body while performing various activities or sports. We will gather photos or reproduce images (videos) in order to analyze the movements and the physics that the human body brings together in order to perform these activities. The collection of movements in combination with notions of physics, like impetus, resistance, equilibrium, torque etc, will lead us to the creation of a piece of jewelry focusing on the theme of movement. As we will make rotating, removable or screw parts, the technique of non-soldered elements and the study/composition of photo or video will constitute the real challenges of this project. Our goal is to highlight the harmony of bodily movements through the making of jewelry meant for the body. In a way, we are called to fit a moving piece of creation-jewelry on our body or on the body of an athlete-dancer we admire. On every stage of the seminar (study, design, execution), a short presentation of the work of every participant will take place in order to exchange ideas and discuss the different techniques that might be coming up.

Instructor: Angelica Komis, jewelry design & making, http://angelicakomis.com/
Seminar duration: 36 hours
Schedule: April, 3 – June, 5 2015, every Friday 17:00 – 21:00
Place: Anamma Studio / 15, Sarantaporou Street, Kallithea, Athens
Number of participants: 4 – 6 people
Participation cost: € 360 + VAT 23%
Last date for entries: March, 27 2015
Prerequisite: Participants must be acquainted with the basic silversmithing techniques.

( http://www.angelicakomis.com/ )