One Year Seminar: From flat surface to three-dimensional space

This is a creative workshop which combines theory with practice and is based on years of experience, study, exercises and experimentations.
The theme of the workshop establishes the theoretical part as an essential tool, which will help us perceive the notions of point, line, level through a different perspective, as well as widen and support the practical-technical process.
Drafts, mock-ups, errors as a means of progress, repetitions and studies around the birth and evolution of form are some of the characteristics of this course.
Apart from the work to be realized in the workshop, we will also visit museums so that we can also have a historic-technical approach on the topics we will be handling.

The program will last one year (116 hours) and is split in three consecutive and complementary cycles.
Participants must have basic knowledge on silversmithing.

Instructor: Akis Goumas

A’ cycle – The role of the point, line and shape on the composition of a surface

36 hours / October, 14 – December, 16 2019

The theoretical part of the first trimester will serve as the basis for the next two cycles.
The exercises will aim at the redefinition of the notions point, line, direction, intensity, rhythm and will help us better understand the process for the final composition of a surface.
Measurements, proportions, scroll saw cutting, filing, their demanding applications and the cold connections will be the technical parts of this cycle.

Β’ cycle – A journey in 3D space and in the perception of form

40 hours / January, 13 – March, 23 2020

Based on the projects realized throughout the first cycle, we will move on from the flat surface to the space of three dimensions and solid shapes.
The composition of 3D structures with wires, tapes and metal sheets, measurements, scales, the proportions of distinct parts in relation to the total, as well as the handling of fire as a soldering means will be the technical characteristics studied in this trimester.

C’ cycle –  Building a form: Internal and external forces defining its creation

40 hours / March,30 – June, 22 2020

The journey is completed with the search process for the birth of a form; a form which will derive by the attraction of the cube to the sphere or vice versa.
The forces – intangible or real – applied on the internal or external environment of a form, in combination with demanding technical practices, will be the topics studied over this last period.
Interesting conversations and questions to arise from the entire course will be also analyzed and discussed through extra-curriculum group projects.

Workshop Duration: 116 hours / October, 14 – June, 22 2020
Courses Day: Monday 17:00 – 21:00
Number of participants: 5 to 8 people
Participation fee: 1160 € + VAT 24%
Course instructor: Akis Goumas

Materials that will be used in the seminar are charged to the participant.