From flat surface to three-dimensional space

This is a creative course which combines theory with practice and is based on years of experience, study, exercises and experimentations.

The theme of the course establishes the theoretical part as an essential tool which helps us perceive the notions of point, line, level: How do we move from a flat surface to three-dimensional space? Which are the basic principles of composition (harmony, balance, symmetry, rhythm etc.)? How does a form occur and evolve? Which are the forces that shape a three-dimensional form? How does a shape and a form interact with the body? Which is the meaning of a ring, brooch and bracelet?

Finally, throughout the course, there will be references to traditional and ancient techniques. In this respect, apart from the work to be realized in the workshop, we will also visit a museum and an archaeological site that will add to our understanding of these techniques.

Participants must have a basic knowledge on silversmithing.

Tutor: Akis Goumas

The program will last two years (232 hours).
There is also the option to attend only the first year.

1st Year | 116 hours | October, 9 – June 24 2024
2nd Year | 116 hours | October, 9 – June 24 2024