2-day workshop with Angelica Komis

February, 22 & 23 2020

Duration: 9 hours

In visual arts, we often come across terms such as “positioning”, “cohesion”, “arrangement”, “form”, “constraint”, “balance”, “contrast”.
What led us to these notions in art? Are there ways to approach these means of expression?

In this workshop, we will explore and apply these terms, by finding out their meaning through
the implementation of the elements of composition in particular exercises-models.

The purpose is to learn about the elements of composition and their rules,
so as to be able to more comfortably face the greatest challenge: breaking them.

This workshop serves as an introduction to the major chapter of composition in art,
which gathers all the elements of interpretation that an artist is called to work with. Let’s explore them!

Duration: February, 22 & 23 2020 (9 hours)
Schedule: Saturday 16:00-20:00 & Sunday 11:00-16:00
Number of participants: 5-8 people
Participation cost: € 90 + VAT 24%
Instructor: Angelica Komis