THE EARRING / Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition / March, 28 – April, 12 2014

Mar 12, 2014 | Εκθέσεις, Νέα, Όλα τα νέα

Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

What is contemporary and what ancient? What belongs to the past and how is contemporary created? The Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition “The Earring”, inspired by the wealth of ancient Greek jewelry making, focuses on earrings and starts a creative dialogue with history. Students of Anamma Studio and their instructors participate in this exhibition by designing and making their earrings in an attempt to respond personally to the above questions.

Participating Anamma Studio students / (making department): Anastasia Agglopoulou, Amerissa Apokremioti, Angeliki Giakoumaki, Katerina Glyka, Ioanna Dimitrakopoulou, Evangelia Dimitriou, Katerina Kallivrousi, Lily Kanelopoulou, Penny Komvotea, Hara Kourtali, Angelos Konstantakatos, Lavinia Laskari, Angeliki Madi, Emmanouela Nikolaou, Yakinthi Oikonomou, Kyriaki Panagi, Anna Pervolaraki, Foteini Rozi,Eleni Roubou, Eirini Roussou, Kaia Saarna, Elena Simou, Dorothea Stamatopoulou, Anna Fatovich, Daphne Fikiori, Christina Philippou, Chrisa Hatzikonstandinidou, Katerina Chrisoglou, Nikolas Psihogios / (design department): Ioanna Andritsou, Dimitra Darra, Alexandra Moschou, Andrea Prasinou, Konstantina Hahali

Participating instructors: Anastasia Kandarakis, Olga Kandarakis, Dimitris Nikolaidis, Evangelos Papapostolou, Giannis Siotis

Exhibition opening: Friday March, 28 2014 at 19:00
Place: Popeye loves Olive / 5, Limbona St., Aghias Eirinis Sq., Athens

Exhibition duration: March, 28 – April, 12 2014
Visiting hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00-20:00

Curators: Anastasia Kandarakis & Erato Kouloumbi

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